The AKU-IED Library recognizes two categories of members: Registered and External members.

Registered members

  • Registered membership is open to students, faculty and staff of AKU-IED. Every prospective member must fill in a Library Membership Application Form signed by their supervisors. The form is available at the library lending counter.
  • All registered members will be given a Library Membership Card. Once registered, members are allowed to borrow materials from the library, as per the library's lending schedule and policy.
  • Student membership is valid for the duration of the programmes in which they are enrolled, for staff and faculty, membership is valid for the duration of their service.
  • Members must surrender their membership cards at the end of their membership in order to obtain a 'library clearance'.

External members

  • External members are allowed to use the library facilities for reference purposes only. External members must register themselves at the library lending counter each time they visit the library and submit their identity cards.

Library Rules

  • All library members must abide by the library regulations.
  • All users must fill in the Library Membership Application in order to become members and obtain the Library Membership Card.
  • The Library Membership Card must be used for borrowing materials from the library. At the end of a programme, students must surrender the membership card to the librarian to get a `clearance'. The membership card is not transferable.
  • A lost card will be replaced by a new one for a fee of Rs 10.
  • There is a fine of Rs5 per day for an overdue book and Rs 10 for books borrowed for photocopy but not returned the same day.
  • Reference books, journals and reports are for use within the library only and cannot be borrowed.
  • Books can be re-issued only once.
  • Photocopy of a whole book is not allowed.
  • Video and audio cassettes can be borrowed for one day only.
  • The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to library materials and will be charged the cost of the item plus 10 per cent surcharge and applicable fine.
  • Library telephone facility is for the library staff only.
  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • Handbags, personal belongings and the user's own books must be left outside the library.
  • If the librarian finds any member breaking the library regulations, s/he shall have the right to suspend their membership.​