​​​​​​Online Databases


​OCLC FirstSearch 

​The library has subscribed to 66 electronic journals through OCLC FirstSearch. The service helps the library to provide access to full text journal articles from selected journals by an authorisation and password. The access to electronic journals provides a gateway to research. Members may ask library staff for ID and password.​


Higher Education Digital Library Resources

AKU-IED library has also access to the digital library of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. The HEC library provides researchers access to international scholarly literature based on electronic (online) delivery, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and eBooks across a wide range of disciplines.​

Cambridge University Press - Online Journals

Cambridge Journals Online is the online content delivery service for Cambridge University Press's collection of nearly 200 leading journals. Subject strengths includes:  Politics, Linguistics, Social Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Science and Medicine.​

Annual Reviews 

​​​Annual Reviews publications operate as a high quality filter, prioritising and synthesising the primary research literature in 37 different disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences.​


​​Emerald is a dynamic database comprising over 150 titles in the fields of Management, Information Science and Engineering. The Emerald full text collection features over 58,000 articles from titles published by Emerald.​

Informaworld ​(Taylor & Francis Journals)

​Informaworld provides access to over 1100 ​peer-reviewed research journals published by Taylor & Francis, Rutledge, Psychology Press and Informa Healthcare in Sciences, Engineering and Humanities subject areas generally from 1997 to present.​


​​JSTOR gives access to full-text journal articles available as searchable, scanned pages from over 600 important scholarly journals in 42 disciplines​


Cambridge University Press ​

​​Cambridge University Press holds over 230 leading titles in Linguistics, Politics, Medicine, Science, Technology, Social Science and Humanities. ​

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​​Royal Society

​Royal Society contains seven leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of sciences.​



​​​Springerlink provides access to 503 full-text Springer-Verlag Journals and 1,100 full-text journals formerly published by Kluwer Academic Publishing. One of the world's leading information services for Science, Technical and Medical journals.​


University of Chicago Press has over 50 scholarly journals of the world's most prestigious societies are accessible. Its first scholarly publication was the Journal of Political Economy, introduced in 1892.


Wiley InterScience(Blackwell Journals)

​Wiley InterScience provides full text access to over 800 leading learned journals in Life Sciences, Medicine/Health, Ecology, Veterinary Science, Accountancy and Economics, Cultural Studies (especially Asian, African and Australian Studies, International Studies), Development issues, Social Policy, Law, History, and Management Studies, many going back to 1990's.​​​​​​​​​