Keeping Patient Safety as a Top-Priority

Considering the importance of patient safety, Aga Khan University Medical College has established a Centre for Patient Safety that is focused on investigating the conditions affecting patient care and promoting systemic patient safety, identifying medical errors, develop and implementing preventive strategies.

In line with AKU’s proud history of providing quality care and safety, we aim to:

  • Help eliminate preventable harm and improve clinical outcomes for patients at AKU, and ultimately healthcare systems across low and middle-income countries.

  • Serve as a regional, national, and global leader in developing and spreading knowledge about improving healthcare quality and delivery within Pakistan and other low and middle-income countries.​

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Message from the Director
"In developing countries like Pakistan, we are focusing more on disease-based care rather than holistic health system-based care. So, a local centre to look at the local problems & help develop locally relevant solutions is the need of our country"
Dr. Asad Latif, Director, Centre for Patient Safety