Critical Creative Innovative Thinking

Vision: The Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) Forum strives to improve human lives through innovation, creativity, 
and entrepreneurship.

Mission: As a unique innovation and incubation hub the CCIT Forum​​ is promoting a better future using 21st-century skills
of critical, creative, innovative, intra/entrepreneurial thinking, and tools of design principles steeped in empathy.​

Values: Safe space | Multidisciplinary | Sector agnostic | Empathy | Collaborative

We originated at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan, in December 2013, to create and nurture a culture of innovation
through creativity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship. From a student-centric society, CCIT has evolved into a sector-agnostic
hub for pre-ideation, ideation, and early-stage incubation, engaging organizations and individuals from across the country for innovation in healthcare and beyond.

In January 2020, we launched a unique Innovation Fellowship to train young professionals in the specs of creative innovation
and entrepreneurship for healthcare and biomedicine in low resource settings. In 2023, with upcoming FAS and the need for a community based innovation ecosystem, this morphed into the Global Innovation Fellowship.​

The experience of founding a healthcare/social innovation/incubation hub has been summarized in our book, “MEDJACK: the
extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack", also AKU's first-ever digital book. 

If you have a creative or innovative idea or want to collaborat​e wi​th us, or you simply want to see what w​e do, reach out to us at to start a convers​ation or​ ​schedule a visit!​​​​