Critical Creative Innovative Thinking

"Our mission is to promote a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of creativity and innovation within and outside of AKU"

The Critical Creative Innovative Thinking, CCIT, forum originated at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan, in December 2013, as a modest attempt to bring change in thinking patterns within AKU.  Since 2016, CCIT has adopted student-centric frameworks for channeling innovation through creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Some of these frameworks include Hackathons, Ignite sessions, narrative medicine, ideation, and incubation. In essence, the CCIT forum is a platform for pre-ideation, ideation (informal and formal; latter through design thinking strategies) and early-stage incubation – both from the teaching/learning perspective as well as basic entrepreneurship skills (i.e. early company formation).

If you have a great healthcare or other idea, or want to collaborate or ideate with some smart folks, or simply want to observe: ​come on over!  Reach out to us at ccit@aku.edu​ to start a conversation, schedule a visit, and check out what we are up to.​

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