​Rura​l Health Programme

CHS has been engaged in research activities in Thatta district since the year 2000. Benefitting from this experience, since July 2018, CHS embarked on an initiative to establish a Rural Health Programme (RHP) in Thatta district. The aim is to work with all the partners working directly or indirectly on health, taking an opportunity to establish an evidenced based programme that empowers communities and strengthens the health system of Thatta, to improve health status of the vulnerable population. Despite being located only 100 kilometers from Karachi, Thatta's health indicators show poor performance. The health system is weak and being a predominently rural district, a majority of the ​population faces issues of access to healthcare. Women and children are amongst the vulnerable groups. ​

​Guiding Principles


Strengthening the district health system and improve population health by:

Progress made:

  • Establishing an Emergency Referral System from Village to Health Facility through Community sensitization meetings conducted with 17 villages and created an integrated system of transportation.

  • Testing water quality of drinking water and raising community's awareness regarding importance of safe drinking water .

  • Raising community's awareness regarding and child health issues through Educating Community in building lifesaving skills .

  • Training of health managers in the district: Four workshops conducted and 25 managers trained. ​