Lending & Reference

All the loan materials can be borrowed for the period of two weeks to all registered members of the PDCC Library as per policy.

The library provides reference services to its users by assisting them to find their required information and to use the library resources in an effective manner. The library staff is willing to help readers find what they need, explain the use of the computer catalogue, answer any questions related to the library usage and facilitate the use of library materials.

Mobile Library

The initiative has been taken in the context of Chitral for the first time by PDCC to promote reading habits amongst the students and teaching staff of the SIMS Project Schools of PDCC. In this way 100 books on children literature are handed over to a school for the period of one month till the end of the project cycle. Recently PDCC has 05 project schools. The main purpose of this service is to provide reading packs to the schools to boost up their reading habits in the school premise.

Content Alert

Usually the tables of contents are mailed to all registered members of all the journals and the printed resources received

Article Indexing

Currently the library has 17 scientific and educational journals. The computer index service for journals helps provide speedy access to individual articles. The Educational articles from the English newspapers are downloaded and are made available for the users in the intranet page of the PDCC.

Library Orientation Program

The program rendered to all the participants of the course and the new comers regarding the policies, ethics, services and resources of the library at the beginning of the course.


Library materials can be borrowed for photocopying at reprography section at AKU-IED PDCC on payment. However, a whole book is not allowed to be photocopied, as per copyright regulations. For availing the facility prior approval is to be taken from the concerned authorities.

Audio/Visual Resources

All the projected materials can be used within the library in the specified A/V section of the library and can be borrowed for home reading for the period of two days. The resources include the video cassettes, audio cassettes, CD's, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE; GMAT related projected resources and the accompanying materials with the printed resources.​