• In order to ensure proper functioning of the library, the atmosphere must be conducive for study and research and library materials must be readily available. The following ground rules will ensure the maintenance of quality service.
  • Users should not disturb others or prevent them from concentrating on their work.
  • A valid library ID card is required to check out materials.
  • The user, on whose card an item is checked out, is responsible for that item.
  • Fines will be paid (@Rs. 05/- per day after due date) for materials that have been checked out and not returned in time.
  • For items checked out and lost, the user must pay replacement costs with 10% surcharge and fines.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the library.
  • Books may be borrowed for 14 days and can be renewed once for another week, provided that another PDCC library user does not need them.
  • All journals and magazines (current issues and back issues) and reference material may only be used in the Library.
  • All library services stop 15 minutes before the Library closes for the day. 


PDC Chitral library offers the following memberships.

Academic Staff

Staff directly involved with the academic business of the PDCC activities have the privilege to borrow books from the library as per policy of the PDCC Library. The faculty members can borrow 10 items at a time for the period of two weeks.

Non-Academic Staff

Administrative and support staff forms non-academic staff, they have the privilege to borrow 2 items at a time for the period of two weeks.

Course Participants

The course participants of the certificate courses and the workshops are allowed to borrow books from the PDCC library during the course.

Visiting Faculty

Faculty coming from AKU-IED for conduction of certain courses may become the member of PDCC Library during their stay at PDCC.

Individual Membership

PDCC Library offers individual membership to all the outsiders who are interested. They are treated as per policy of the PDCC library, as they are allowed to utilize the resources of the library on payment.

SIMS Teaching Staff

School Improvement in Multigrade Situation (SIMS), the initiative taken in the context of Chitral region for the first time by PDCC with the purpose to support the primary school teachers who are limited in number and can't be able to handle all the classes at a specified time.