Print Resources

Library collections are considered the important assets of any resource centre and upon which the utility of the library depends on. Being an special academic library PDCC Library provides a wide range of collection on education, educational leadership and management, general management, school improvement, resources on early childhood, international educational journals, resources on English language, IELTS etc, both in English and Urdu languages. Library having the total collection of 8,000 resources and a variety of resources are added to the stock annually on various disciplines.

General Collection

The whole collection has been categorized in two classes i.e. the general collection or loan materials and the reference collection. General collection or loan materials are those which can be borrowed for home reading. All the resources have been classified according to the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme) 22nd edition. Call numbers (classification No + Author Mark + Year of publication) according to the DDC System are pasted in the spine of every book. Books are issued to all the library members as per PDCC library lending policy.

Reference Collection

The resources available in this section can be used within the library premises. PDCC Library having a significant number of reference materials that include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, dissertations of AKU-IED graduates.

Journal Collection

The library is subscribed to more than 17 national and international journals and four magazines. Back volumes of these periodicals are bound and shelved separately.

Newspaper Clippings

The library maintains newspaper clippings from two major national dailies (Dawn, Jang) on 10 different broad subject areas related to academic programs.

Dissertation/ theses

Dissertations of AKU-IED students from 2004 onwards are available for only reference purpose and consulted within library.​