​World Environment Day celebra​​tions

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations' flagship day for promoting awareness and action for the environment. Celebrated every year on 5 June, it provides the largest global platform for public engagement and outreach to champion environmental causes.

OneAKU for OneEarth

2022's theme is #OnlyOneEarth which calls for global, collective, and transformative action to celebrate, protect and restore our planetary home.

2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference - the UN's first world conference on the environment. “Only One Earth" was the slogan for the 1972 Stockholm Conference, which still holds true today.

Earth is the only planet with water and life amidst billions of stars in the universe. This is our only home, and we should strive to care for our planet's resources and inhabitants.

To join in the global celebrations for WED 2022, AKU initiated the “OneAKU for OneEarth” campaign. It symbolizes how our OneAKU community together stands for caring for our planet. The campaign is open for participation by all AKU global staff, students, and faculty.

Every little action, conversation, and share counts. We need everyone everywhere to get involved at all levels!

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Video m​essage b​y th​e President​​

"Future generations will ask – what did you do to protect the only earth that we have? Let’s make sure we can all say: I did my part."



Join the global movement!

Staff and students across global AKU campuses take impactful environmental action collectively.​​​​