​Voices from the Roof of the World​

The Roof of the World is in meltdown. From the Pamir and Tian Shan mountains in Central Asia to the towering Himalayan range, over 250 million people are threatened directly by a rapidly changing world. Another 1.65 billion people living downstream will see their livelihoods disappear. It's the climate crisis “you haven't heard of," but which cries out to be told. Find out more...​​ ​ ​


Warning from the Roof of the World

Every spring the melting snow and glaciers at the Roof of the World release their life-giving waters for the region’s wildlife and people. These glaciers are rapidly receding as temperatures rise. The last decade was the hottest ever recorded on earth, according to NASA. What does the future hold for nearly two billion people dependent on rivers fed by these glaciers and communities living in the mountains amongst them?