Sustainability Leaders Series

​Introduction to the Series

This series aims to highlight and celebrate the in-house and on-ground sustainability work being undertaken by AKU employees globally. Sustainability leaders are highlighted with their interviews featured on our website and social media. Showcasing action is our way to inspire more action to address climate change and create more change-makers.​


Environmental sustainability is a strategic priority of the University and for the entire Aga Khan Development Network, and efforts are ongoing to achieve the net zero operations goal by 2030. ​

Why now?

Time is running out as climate impacts become more prevalent and intense all over the world. We need everyone to take environmental action if we are to avoid the worst impacts from the triple planetary crises we face - climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.
AKU aims to create ongoing interest around the topic and encourage everyone advancing climate action in their fields at AKU and beyond.​

Who is getting featured?

Staff and faculty from all departments and geographies who are working on sustainability issues and contributing to this priority agenda. This can be through their direct work such as research or implementing energy efficient measures. Or indirectly through innovation and idea sharing such as for practice change, waste reduction, and other themes.

Would you like to nominate yourself or someone you know to be featured? Reach out to us at​