Going Back to School

Since December 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused severe devastation across the globe. One of the unfortunate consequences of the lockdowns implemented across Pakistan is the closure of schools and educational institutions. This has widely influenced young children and their development. 

Faculty from AKU’s Division of Women and Child Health, have worked in collaboration with other professionals in the field since early May 2020 to launch the Safe Schools Reopening project. Through the project they have conducted two successful trainings for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Leaders, several awareness sessions for the general public using social media platforms, constant training support to the schools, and print media advocacy.

‘Going back to School’ is a free-of-cost e-publication produced as supplementary material for the ‘Schools Reopening Early Childhood Development Leadership Training Project’ by the Division of Women and Child Health, Medical College, at Aga Khan University in Pakistan. This book is authored by Dr. Shelina Bhamani ECD Parenting Education Programme Lead and Assistant Professor, Research at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, AKU, illustrated by Maria Riaz who is a leading child illustrator, and edited by Dr Ali Faisal Saleem, Service Line Chief at AKU’s Children’s Hospital and Ms. Janelle Dias, Assistant Manager Communications, Medical College, AKU. 

Download the book here in ​​English and Urdu​.

This child friendly book is designed to provide basic awareness to young, school-going children on remaining safe during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools reopen. It will also serve as a handy resource for parents, caregivers and schools to train their young ones to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) during the ‘new normal’.​