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Abdul Majid  did his BBA (Hons) from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. He did MBA from SZABIST and recently  joined AKU- Department of Surgery. He has more than two years of working experience in Administration and HR. His core responsibility is to assist faculties and section head of the dentistry and provide administrative support to the department.

Abdul Majid toutes himself as a creative and loves doing things practically and with a deep insight. He loves socialising and finds himslef deeply committed and true to his profession.



Abdul Samad Shaikh has been working at AKU for five years. He works for the DRC, Research Consultation Appointments, Research Consultation Evaluation Tracking, Publications, VFAST reporting, General Administration, Organizing Grand Rounds, and other mundane tasks. He believes in working hard and uplifting the department in a great, organised way.


Adnan Altaf is an asset for the Department of Surgery, with his work ranging around research, and his table remaining full of work due to the strong lagging in the area. He is strongly proving his skills and helping the department excel significantly in research. He holds a professional degree from the UK, bring diverse ideas with finesse in technicalities, and now keeps par with the grant portfolios as well.


Amir Ali joined Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery as a senior assistant. Previously he was working with Chief Operating Officer’s Office looking after four secondary hospitals. Amir Ali is polite by nature who put great emphasis on the skill to listen and understand before reacting. 

Amir Ali is looking after cardiac and vascular surgery and working his expertise in resolving any issues that may arise in the said department.


Ashraf Fidai is a senior assistant with her central role designated to facilitate the faculty and residents at the Section of Urology, mainly related to public/patient dealing. She has been associated with the department since 2007, and her compassion is evident in her soft demeanour and polite manners, which help her with her enduring role at the department.


Aziz Hyder has been working for over 25 years at the Department of Surgery which counts for a long time, with his services subject to the Section of Orthopaedics. The faculty rely heavily on his devoted work, and he takes care of minute details in a perfect manner. His long commitment to the department and AKU, in general, speaks of his strong will and desire to maintain AKU's top standards..

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Fakhra Atif is the Communications Specialist at the Department of Surgery with her MS from IBA in Journalism and her Masters in English (Literature & Linguistics). She is responsible for the following:

·      The handling of the website

·      Making sure to brand her department on Social Media

·      Work on the department's newsletter

She brings the creative bone to the department with her ideas on a rampant high, which is the need of the hour in the dynamically changing digital spectrum of the world. 


With more than 8 years of experience working at AKU, Farhan Imran has recently joined the Department of Surgery. He will be looking after the academic events of following sections:

  • Orthopaedic

  • General and Plastic Surgery

  • Breast Surgery

  • Vascular Surgery

  • Urology

He has done MBA in Human Resource Management, His hobbies included Playing and Watching different sports i-e Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton and doing social services.


With his face bearing a smile, Irfan Ibrahim has been serving the department since 2013 and going strong with his duties and capabilities in proving his mettle. He looks after the PGME and develops excel programs. He looks after vast-ranging tasks related to PGME (11 residency and 8 fellowship programs) with complete dedication. He also has a significant role in vFAST reports, LOEs, Resuscitative Technique Certification- (BLS/ ACLS/PALS), Surgery Grand Rounds, and One45.

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Kanwal Amin is a lively young brain with oodles of talent and dedication to work her best in the best of scenarios. Her current role is that of a senior assistant, and she strives to gain further experience in managerial positions. She likes to apply her management skills in her job.


Marium Khan is serving as an assistant manager at the Department of Surgery. Fully poised and gentle in her manners, she looks after the administrative processes at the Department of Surgery and fills in gaps in the absence of a manager. She has extensive experience and has worked for over 8 years in the department. She coordinates the academic programmes (UG & PG) & research in liaison with the departments of the University. She also has a significant role in supervising all the administrative works such as vFAST reports, LOEs, Resuscitative Technique Certification- (BLS/ ACLS/PALS), Surgery Grand Rounds, One45, and others.


Mirza Muhammad Maaz Asif Taimuri​ has been working at the Department of Surgery for over 5 years and he caters to the UGME-related tasks along with updating and completing record files. Maaz exudes exuberant energy and contributes effectively to administrative matters.​


With his servitude, long allegiance and dedication spanning over 35 years, if you don't know Murad Bana, then the name of the Department of Surgery sounds hollow and incomplete. He has worked relentlessly over the years and kept the burden to drive the department through tough times solely on his shoulder. He works as a troubleshooter and is a strong support figure for the department.


Saleem recently joined the Department of Surgery as a senior assistant. His previous work was being a clinic receptionist with an extensive experience of 12 years at AKU. His humility will take him forward to proceed well in the department.


Department of Surgery hear Sapna's name a lot in the corridors, and she always has a muted smile and cheerful greeting to help everyone with her complacency, commitment, and wholeheartedness towards her work. Her creativity allows her to navigate the tasks in a professional manner and work in a pressure position as a senior secretary to the Chair.​​


Shagufta has been working for 12 years and holds a vast experience under her belt. She has a kind heart which helps her deal effectively with the people around her and bears a firm hold on her success. Shagufta did volunteer work in the past and had been working for a long time at AKU.


Shariff Charania is the backbone of the Department of Surgery. With him working hard, long, and endless hours into the night he takes care of the events and is always ready to help everyone stuck in troubled waters. Working as a Specialist, he takes care of all the academic events in the department.


Syed Emad Uddin has recently joined the Department of Surgery as an associate. As the associate, his responsibilities include organizing academic events for the department's five sections (Neurosurgery, ENT, Dentistry, Pediatric Surgery, and Cardiothoracic Surgery). Syed Emad has more than 5 years of experience, and among his most recent successes are the 4 international symposiums, numerous seminars, and webinars he arranged. He graduated from the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology with a BS in International Relations and enrolled in an MPhil programme (International Relations) from FUUAST. His hobbies included playing and watching football as well as fitness training.