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A Journey of 30-Long years at Section of Histopathology

Dr Shahid Pervez​​

I joined Aga​ Khan University three decades ago way back on June 16th, 1991, as ‘Assistant Professor’ and in June 15, 2021, completed thirty years of my full-time service here. I must admit that if it was not AKU, like so many others, in all probability me too would have ended somewhere else out of Pakistan. So, what is special about AKU which kept me tightly glued with this to date?

Let us start following the usual thinking process of most, foremost include long term financially sound footing, however this was not the reason for me as at that time I started on a very modest salary package and there were many opportunities around the globe offering far better financial packages. Second common reason quoted by many who come back from abroad is to live with their parents, this was again not the case for me as my father passed away when I  was only 19 year-old and my mother was with me with on and off travel to spend sometime with my two sisters living in USA and one in Quetta but she was willing and quite comfortable if I would have planned to move abroad. So, what was it? In a nutshell it was foremost living on my own soil and serving my own people and country in my humble capacity even if it was a drop in the ocean and 2nd Pathology department of AKU, located in a 3rd world country but with a vision and infrastructure of first world. It has been most fulfilling for me to have opportunity to teach and train some of the brightest minds of the nation at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels as well as practice a specialty at a place where there is so much diversity and everyday challenge that there has never been a dull moment in all these years. So, on one hand invaluable opportunity to interact with highly motivated young medical students to everyday interaction with FCPS trainees behind the microscope and able to supervise PhD students and opportunity to work on original local research problems and able to publish and disseminate knowledge. This is my true legacy to see my students working and serving at various leadership positions around the globe. Last but not the least able to make a small contribution in patient management. By clinching a correct diagnosis, we Pathologists who largely work behind the scenes make conclusive grounds for a proper treatment to follow, hence save lives.​​


A journey to a more compassionate way of living 

​Shamsha Punjwani

I am struggling, burnt out, anxious and overwhelmed about daily life. I dive into projects and check tasks off my list, trying to climb my way up to the next level of success. Yet I somehow still never feel like enough, no matter how many achievements acquired. It seems I am always working on something else, yet I am never satisfied. I yearn for the sweet taste of approval and acknowledgment, while disconnecting myself from the world around me. Welcome to my blog. Many wonderful thing have happened to me in the department, including accomplishments, plans, and progress on initiatives. I have served in many roles and have had a wonderful career.

I think we can all relate to feeling this way at some point in our lives. I know I can. For a long time, I did everything I could to prove th​at I was worthy of something. However, finally realizing that no matter how many times I worked on changing the world around me, I still didn’t feel good internally. Changing everything on the outside simply did nothing to change what I thought of myself on the inside. That’s what really counts, how you feel about yourself that is  really important. 

Well, there are a few ways to feel about yourself 

  1. ​I became an observer of my own life: 

  2. I wanted to know the True me by self-reflection

  3. Influencing people in a positive way 

  4. Learning to be content 

Embrace that recollection. Try and find it in everyday. You’ll find that you feel more refreshed and full of energy to tackle challenges of the day or whatever comes up.

GOOD LUCK and Learn to use mindfulness! 

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