​​Precision in Practice: A Journey Through Proficiency Testing in Clinical Chemistry at The Aga Khan University Hospital​​

​​​Farhat Jahan, Charge Technologist & sectional QC Co-Ordinator

Department of Chemical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine​​​​​

As the Quality Control Coordinator of the Clinical Chemistry section at Aga Khan University Hospital, I understand the paramount importa​​​nce of Proficiency Testing (PT) in ensuring the highest standards of patient care and laboratory excellence.

In 2016, we faced the inaugural audit by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and as the Sectional QC Coordinator, the journey was both challenging and enlightening.

​​​​​​Challenges Faced During the CAP Accreditation:

The first CAP audit in 2016 marked a significant milestone for our laboratory. Coordinating efforts to align with CAP standards required meticulous attention to detail. Ensuring compliance with the intricate requirements of PT testing posed unique challenges, including the need for enhanced precision, accuracy, and adherence to protocols.

Benefits of CAP Proficiency Surveys:

CAP proficiency surveys serve as a cornerstone in our pursuit of quality. These surveys provide a standardized means to evaluate our laboratory's performance against international benchmarks. The comprehensive nature of the surveys covers a spectrum of analytes, reflecting real-world scenarios. By participating, we not only meet CAP accreditation requirements but also continually enhance our proficiency, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective actions.

Ensuring Accuracy and Precision:

Proficiency testing acts as a litmus test for the precision and accuracy of our analytical processes. Regular participation in PT surveys guarantees that our results are reliable, fostering confidence in patient diagnoses and treatment plans.

Continuous Quality Improvement:

PT testing is not just a regulatory obligation but a catalyst for continuous improvement. It allows us to pinpoint weaknesses in our processes, enabling proactive measures to enhance the overall quality of our laboratory services.

Meeting Accreditation Standards:

CAP accreditation is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Successful PT performance is a prerequisite for maintaining this accreditation, signifying to patients, clinicians, and regulatory bodies that our laboratory consistently delivers accurate and reliable results.

Through dedication and a commitment to quality, we continue to embrace PT testing as a fundamental tool in our pursuit of delivering unparalleled patient care.

As the journey unfolds, we remain steadfast in our mission to uphold the highest standards, ensuring that the Clinical Chemistry section at Aga Khan University Hospital stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the field of diagnostic medicine.​