Access Policy

  • All registered students, full-time faculty and staff of Aga Khan University, Karachi are eligible for membership to the Faculty of Health Sciences Library.
  • All faculty and staff must fill the registration form and sign an agreement to comply with the library rules and regulations.
  • Access to the library premises will only be permitted to properly registered users with valid AKU ID cards.
  • The library management reserves the right to suspend or withdraw library privileges from any person who contravenes these regulations, and to report such cases to the appropriate University authorities for further action under the University's disciplinary procedures.

Discipline in the Library

  • All materials taken out of the library must be issued by the library staff at the circulation desk. Any attempt to exit the library with material that has not been issued will be considered as attempted theft. Please ensure that you properly check out any books taken out of the library's premises.
  • Any attempt to cut, rip or remove pages or sections of library books will be considered as mutilation of library material. The borrower will be held responsible for the damage. Incidents of theft or mutilation will be reported to University authorities and treated as a breach of AKU disciplinary code of conduct. All cases will be dealt in accordance with the University's disciplinary procedure. Penalties can range from fines to expulsion of students.
  • If requested by the library staff, users should submit any book or personal material for inspection. All books must be shown to the staff at the library exit for verification.
  • Any verbal or physical abuse against the library staff will be reported to University authorities and treated as a violation of the University's code of conduct.
  • Complete silence should be observed in the library public areas, except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at library counters
  • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Phones, pagers or watch alarms should be switched to silent mode before entering the library.
  • Personal belongings should be left in the designated area of the library at the risk and responsibility of the owner. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
  • The library follows international copyright laws; complete books or journal issues cannot be photocopied.
  • Only library materials will be photocopied at a rate of a maximum of 30 pages at a time per patron. Personal notes and documents cannot be photocopied.

Borrowing Rules

  • Registered users must produce valid AKU ID cards when borrowing materials. Borrowing must be done in person at the library circulation desk.
  • Registered students may borrow two books at a time for 14 days and faculty may borrow four books. A borrower who fails to return a book on time will become liable to a fine. The fine will be Rs 10 per day, starting on the first day after the due date. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until all fines are fully paid.
  • Books not returned within 90 days of their due date will be treated as lost.
  • Books may be renewed in person at the circulation desk, provided they are not on hold/requested by another user.
  • Any lost material will be billed at the cost of a new edition plus a 10 per cent processing fee.
  • The library staff may recall, or withhold the circulation of a book in the library at any time if required for special purposes.
  • If you are unable to find any material you require, feel free to contact library personnel.