​Student Life in Pakistan

​​Being a student at AKU means striving for excellence both academically and personally. Join student societies, attend events, and connect with peers who share your passions. Stand for leadership roles, bridging student voices with decision-makers.

Beyond academics and social engagement, prioritize your well-being. Access health services, seek counseling, and participate in wellness programs for holistic growth. AKU offers a comprehensive student experience that fosters not only learning but also your overall development.

​Stud​ent Affairs and Services

From the Office of Student Experience, fostering campus engagement, to Counseling Service and Wellness programs prioritizing mental and emotional health, along with dedicated Student Health services – Student Affairs and Services aims to create an environment for holistic success and development.

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Student Societies
Student Affairs and Services hosts 13 student societies, encompassing sports, extracurriculars, charity causes, and student welfare. These societies play an integral role in campus life, and AKU is dedicated to supporting their success.

Report a Concern

​Acces​​sin​g contact information for both emergency and non-emergency situations has never been easier. Students are encouraged to report concerns, ask questions, and submit complaints. ​Student Affairs and Services is dedicated to ensuring your needs are met with utmost convenience and ease.​