Financial Assistance, Pakistan

​​​AKU charges fees for all of its programmes. However, for students who are selected and are unable to pay for their cost of education, the University operates a needs-sensitive financial assistance programme. 

Through this programme, the University extends financial support, to the extent possible, to students who secure admission to University programmes but are not able to pay tuition and other fees. At the University almost 50% of the student body has received financial assistance to support their education.

Financial assistance is offered on the basis of demonstrated ne​ed as evaluated by the University from data provided by the student, his/her family and other avenues that the University may deem appropriate. It is expected that every student will contribute to some extent towards the cost of education and thus the University recommends that students should thoroughly explore all other possible sources of assistance so as not to totally depend on the University’s financial assistance programme. Every effort is made to communicate the financial assistance decisions to the students before the commencement of the academic session.

Currently, financial assistance is awarded in the form of a combination of grant-in-aid and student loan. The student loan is interest-free with an annual administrative charge of 5% from the time of the award of the student loan. Both the loan repayments and administrative charge are payable after graduation.

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