Financial Assistance Programme - Pakistan

It is the policy of the Aga Khan University to offer admission to its academic programmes offered in Pakistan on a needs-blind basis. The Financial Assistance Programme aims to assist students who have limited financial resources to support the cost of their education.  Currently, Financial Assistance is awarded in the form of a combination of grant-in-aid and student loan to the following programmes offered in Pakistan.​

Academic Programme

Financial Assistance Offered

Master of Science (Epidemiology and Biostatistics)​​

Student Loan

Master of Science (Health Policy and Management)Student Loan

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Grant-in-Aid and Student Loan

Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene

Grant-in-Aid and Student Loan
Master of Science in NursingStudent Loan

Post-RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Loan

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Loan

Master of Education

Grant-in-Aid and Student Loan

​Master of Philosophy in Education

Grant-in-Aid and Student Loan

The University reserves the right to change the type of Financial Assistance offered at any point on a prospective basis.

The procedure to apply for Financial Assistance is summarised below. Financial Assistance decisions are communicated to students before the commencement of the academic year.

The Student Loan portion of Financial Assistance is interest free with an annual administrative charge of 5% levied from the time of the award of the student loan and is payable after graduation along with loan repayments.  The grant-in-aid portion of financial assistance is not repayable.

The Financial Assistance forms for new and on-board students are available online.

Procedure for Application and Award of Financial Assistance

  • The Financial Assistance application must be completed and submitted with the required supporting documentation. Incomplete and / or late applications for Financial Assistance will not be considered.  No exceptions.
  • The level of Financial Assistance awarded is determined through a predefined, point-based evaluation. This evaluation is based on the applicant’s socio-economic profile as declared in the Application Form for Financial Assistance and the information provided during interviews with applicant / parents.

  • The University’s Financial Assistance Committee is comprised of non-University and University personnel who review the application and, based on the evaluation system, determine the level of Financial Assistance to be awarded. In order to ensure confidentiality and impartiality, the names of the applicants are not disclosed to the Committee members at the time of the review.

  • Submission of an application for Financial Assistance does not guarantee an award of Financial Assistance.

  • For new students, the application submission deadline is mentioned in the admission offer package.

  • On-board students must make a new application for Financial Assistance each academic year.

  • For on-board students, the application submission deadline is the last working day of February of the forthcoming academic year.

  • The Aga Khan University will conduct an inquiry to verify information and supporting documents submitted as part of its review process.

  • Financial Assistance offered in one year does not guarantee that Financial Assistance will be offered other years.  Continuation of Financial Assistance is conditional upon an annual submission by the student and assessment of financial need by the University.

  • Where an applicant / student is not satisfied with the decision of the Financial Assistance Committee, an appeal can be made to the Student Financial Counselling and Assistance Office for a review of the application.  The University will only consider the review appeal if it is supported with additional information / documents.  The appeal for a review of the financial assistance application can only be submitted once. The decision of the University to such a review application will be final.

For further information please contact Student Financial Counselling and Assistance Office at​ or by writing to:

Student Financial Counselling and Assistance Office
1st Floor, Dean’s Office Building
Aga Khan University
P.O. Box 3500​
Stadium Road
Phone: + 92 21 3486 4469
Timings: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm​

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