Physical Health Services​​

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The Student Health Services (SHS) plan provides medical cover to AKU students for day-to-day problems and access to medical aid in emergencies during their educational period at AKU. Guided by the Student Health Committee, which also contains student representatives, the Student Health team is committed to maintaining the health and wellbeing of students during their stay at AKU. ​

​Student Health Team 

The Student Health Team consists of: 

  • Chair Student Health Services

  • Two Part-time Student Health Physicians

  • Student Health Nurses

  • Student Health Administrative Assistant

This team is guided by the Student Health Committee, which reviews the services provided and attends to issues related to student health services. List of all members of the Student Health Committee is available in section 3.0 of the Student Health Plan (link PDF). 

Services Available

The Student Health Services provide cover to full-time students only. The Plan does not cover students on electives, vacations, part-time programs or on study leave from AKU. Read the full list of exceptions here. ​

The following aspects are covered through the Student Health Plan

Screening & Monitoring for COVID-19

All currently enrolled students will have to follow policies related to COVID screening and monitoring as outlined in the detailed policy document uploaded on the Safe Return to Campus website​. Refer to section 4.7 (Health Declaration) and 4.8 of the guidebook. This would include getting the mandatory tests, filling Sehat Check App daily before coming to campus, reporting symptoms and exposure and following isolation and quarantine advice as suggested by Student Health Services. 

Students with COVID 19 infection, will be followed by Student Health Services through teleconsultation and, could resume their classes/rotations once given clearance by student health physician based on symptom resolution.

Confidentiality of Medical Records

All information provided to Student Health Team will remain confidential until deemed otherwise. Student related data is strictly kept confidential. Only designated Student Health Committee members (including student health physicians and student health nurses and other relevant personnel) will be authorized to access health-related data of all AKU students which would include information regarding their visits to different on-campus facilities (CHC, Consulting Clinics, Emergency room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology and others) and in-patient admissions.​​​