Design a Project


Participants are invited to propose ideas for waste reduction addressing the competition question “How Will YOU Commit to Waste Nothing?”

Projects will be team-based, consisting of 2-3 students, and must put forward a new idea. Students are encouraged to respond by going through the CCIT recommended human-centric design thinking process. This will include pre-ideation, ideation, team formation, project design, and proof of concept. 

Teams must provide proof-of-concept by taking their idea to the implementation stage of a pilot project and providing evidence of impact.

Project Examples

  • Define a waste production study methodology and study waste production in your own household or community.
  • Develop a methodology for waste reduction and implement at a small or pilot scale. Influence waste produced in the AKU cafeteria, on-campus waste at different sites/within different departmentsyou’re your own homes, and more.
  • Develop, or utilize a pre-existing process, to reduce wastage by recycling or repurposing materials e.g., composting, upcycling, etc.

​Awards and Recognition

​All participants will receive the AKU Green Certificate as a token of appreciation. The best entries will receive prizes, as decided by a judging committee drawn from within AKU and externally​. 

Additional incentives may include opportunities to work with prominent organizations and professionals working towards climate change mitigation.​