​Frequently Asked Questions​​

​​​Safe Retur​n to Campus

​last updated: September 2, 2020

​​Can the affidavit only be attested by a Commissioner of Oath? Or can it be attested by any officer who is Grade 17 or above? 

I have not received a physical copy of my affidavit. What should I do? Can I submit this over email in order to meet the September 4th deadline?
You should write to Mr Amin Keashwani (amin.keashwani@aku.edu) to request a blank affidavit to be sent to you over email. You may provisionally submit your completed and signed affidavit as an email attachment to student.records@aku.edu no later than September 4, 2020. Once you have submitted the electronic version of your affidavit you must also have it printed on Rs. 50 Stamp Paper, get it attested, and mail it to the Student Records Office at the Stadium Road campus.

​Will students be charged for the COVID PCR test upon their return to the AKU campus? Or if the need arises during rotations?

​I've been self-isolating for 5 months now and have no contact history with someone who has had COVID. Will I still need to be tested for COVID as a day scholar?

Would an at-home antibody test be enough for a student to classify as COVID negative? 

If serious hospitalization is required on contracting COVID-19, will care/hospitalization be covered by student insurance? Will it cover the full costs? 

Will AKU be responsible for providing students with appropriate PPE, especially when going into clinics? 

Will students be assigned to high-risk areas in the hospital? 

If a student contracts COVID-19 during a rotation, what protocols will be followed to ensure they complete their rotations and relevant exams in time? 

What happens if students miss class because of the need to quarantine? 

Will students be given a Contacts diary to keep track of movements or will they have to create and maintain one themselves? 

There is a lot of information on how PCR tests sometimes indicate a positive even after infectivity is over (also due to remaining fragments of RNA). What happens if any students test false positive, symptomatically? 
How will AKU manage the hostels?

How will AKU manage use of shared washrooms and showers? 

Following completion of their isolation period, will hostelites be allowed to leave the university premises in order to purchase groceries, etc? 
No, details will be communicated upon arrival.

What if a student decides to not return to campus for any given reason?
Will AKU consider insuring day scholars’ families (at least in part) in case they take the infection back home and given it to vulnerable family members? 
No. AKU’s student health plan extends only to full-time current students actively engaged in academic study at AKU campuses.