​​Schools Competition​

At AKU we believe in active engagement on local and global issues. Climate change is one such global challenge that requires every single person in the world to take action. And we can! We also believe that we can working together on a challenge brings forward more ideas and more opportunities. Fostering critical thinking, active engagement, and co-creation are just some of the goals we hope to share beyond the walls of AKU.

Hence, for the second year, we are inviting schools in Karachi to participate in the Schools Competition as part of the AKU President's Challenge for Climate Solutions!

By participating in climate change ideation, high school students not only gain valuable insights into the science and policy aspects of environmental issues but also learn to advocate for change, setting them on a path to become influential advocates for a greener and more resilient world. Ultimately, their active involvement today is key to preserving the planet for future generations.

Read on below on the process, teams, and criteria. Prizes for winning teams may include recognition for the winning schools and student groups, such as books, AKU merchandise and others. All teams participating in the pitch day will receive certificates.


​Throughout October  ​

​Schools with determine the process of internal selection and group formation.

​18 October | 10am PST

​Interested students and teachers will be invited to attend a 90 minute climate awareness session online.

​30 October

​Each school can nominate only one group of students, via the link is provided on the email sent to schools. If you are a school/high school in Karachi that wants to participate in the Challenge and has not received an invitation, please write to us at climate.challenge@aku.edu​

​Week of 20 November

​Pitch Day - ​Selected school groups will be invited to present their pitches to a panel of experts at AKU, Stadium Road Campus.​


​Winning Teams with a principal/tutor/teacher will be invited to join for AKU’s final closing ceremony of the President’s Challenge for Climate Solution, to be recognized and awarded alongside AKU winning teams.​

About the team, idea and criteria


  • Teams may consist of 3 to 4 students.
  • Students must be enrolled in A-levels/Intermediate, O-level/Matric, or equivalent grades.
  • A teacher or tutor may support the students in guiding their thinking, however, would not be part of the pitch presentation.

Idea and pitch

  • Ideas are to be relevant to the students, their role in society and abilities to influence/promote change.
  • Ideas must address climate change as well as this year's theme [to be revealed on 29th September].
  • The pitch presentations must be no longer than three (3) minutes.
  • For nominations, a 200-word summary must be submitted.
  • During the pitch, the team may use up to six (6) PPT slides, as well as a physical representation (e.g. poster or model), if desired.
  • All team members should be present and speaking during the pitch.
  • A muti-disciplinary team of judges from AKU and beyond will be engaging with the invited teams to further learning, engagement, and exchange of ideas.

Criteria – the pitches will be judged in the following criteria

  • Relevance to climate change and to the year's theme
  • Relevance to the scope of influence (i.e. what high school students can influence)
  • Feasibility and impact potential of the proposed idea
  • Innovativeness and uniqueness of the proposed idea
  • Presentation quality and level of engagement


This ​page​ lists many resources relevant to climate change, the year's theme, as well as design thinking methodology that students can explore at their own ti​​me. These can also be great resources for teachers in the schools to consider exploring and using at other times in their offerings.​

​Introductory Session for the Schools Challenge