​​Policy No.Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
​000Gloss​ary of ​​Academic Terms
​001Gra​​d​​uate Programme Grading and S​ystem of Calculating Grade Point Averages (GPA)
002Pol​​​icy on Assessment of Student Learning ​Outcomes
003Credit Framework Policy
​004Qualifications Framework
​006Policy on Assessment Involving Near Relatives and Colleagues
​007Policy on External Examiners
​008Policy on Transcripts of Stu​dent Records
​009 Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
​010Checklist for Submitting New Academic Programme Proposals to the Board of Graduate Studies, Board of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Council
​011General Guidelines for PhD and Master's Theses / Dissertations at AKU
​012University Policy on Research Misconduct
​013Confidentiality of Student Records
​014Provisional Certificates
​015Convocation Ceremonies Policy
​016University Awards of Distinction
​017Student Academic Integrity Policy
​018ANS Grading, Averages and Transcripts
​019Retention of Student Records Guidelines
​020Degree, Diploma and Certificate Parchment Replacement Policy
​021Policy on the Awarding of Graduate Degrees with Academic Distinction
​022Authority and Approval Process for the Creation of a New Academic Unit /​​Reorganisation of an Existing Academic Unit
​023Deferred Admissions Policy
​024Students with Outstanding Accounts with the University
​025Guidelines for Programme Curriculum Modifications
​026Board of Student Academic Appeals
​027Names on Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Policy
​028Student Anti-Harassment Policy
​029Collection of Student Information as Required by Law Policy
​030Academic Quality Framework:  Policies and Procedures
​031Teaching and Learning Framework
​032Guidelines for the Posthumous Awarding of a Degree or Diploma
​033Policy on Repeating a Course for which a Passing Grade has been Awarded
Statement on Gender Equality for Students​
​035Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
​036​Academic Governing Bodies Rules and Operating Procedures​
​037Tuition Fees Policy
​038Graduate Degree Completion Time Limits
​039Guidelines for Cancellation of Admission Due to Low Enrolment​
​040Curriculum Development Policy
​041Academic Progression Policy​