PakSurg 1

Determining the epidemiology and risk factors of surgical site infections in Pakistan - A prospective, multicenter cohort study

PakSurg 1 has been designed as a prospective, multi-center study aimed to identify incidence and risk factors for the development of surgical site infections (SSIs) in patients undergoing elective surgeries across multiple surgical specialties.

The study is planned to run from April to October 2021. Collaborators will collect data on consecutive patients undergoing specific surgeries across their selected specialty over a one-month period in their local centers.

Patients will be followed up till 30 days. Primary endpoint will be the development of surgical site infections. Secondary endpoints will include mortality, unexpected reintervention, and other healthcare-associated infections within 30 days postoperatively. All data will be submitted via a secure, Redcap project server.​



1. Protocol

2. Protocol PowerPoint presentation

3. Appendix 1 – Included procedures

4. Appendix 2 – Data collection form

5. Appendix 3 – Data collection form dictionary