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Quality Patient Safety Module for MBBS Students​

​January 2022

After receiving an incredible response from the students of the previous module, The Centre for Patient Safety conducted yet another session for 3rd-year MBBS students in January'2022.

The 5-day course was a collaborative effort between CPS and Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) and delivered by an incredible team of experts including Dr Asad Latif, Dr Fozia Asif, Ms Rozina Roshan, Dr Asim Belgaumi, Dr Aamir Hameed, Dr Atif Waqar. Two subject-matter professionals from Johns Hopkins named Dr Ayse P. Gurses and ​Dr Michael Rosen were also invited to take part in this programme. The lectures revolved around significant topics including Team Work & Communication, Infection Control & Prevention, Conflict Management, Safety Culture, and Error Disclosure.

After the session, learners also demonstrated a statistically significant increase in knowledge. The positive impression that this course made on  the students (Class of 2024) was quite evident when one out of the 95 participants wrote:  

"It was really eye-opening to hear about how small errors that seem excusable and insignificant can lead to a serious series of events for patients. I would summarize what I have learned that no mistake is too small. No mistake should be left unreported. The root cause of many individual errors is a system error or discrepancy.  A just system should always be in place to judge errors and fix the system to ensure less of these errors occur in the future"​​

March 2021

Considering the importance of incorporating patient safety education into the curriculum of medical students, The Centre for Patient Safety has proudly introduced quality and a patient safety module to improve patient safety competencies among the next generation of physicians.

The course has been introduced in collaboration with UGME and delivered by AKU and international faculty from Johns Hopkins.

The integrated patient safety curriculum is based on 7 topics that include the science of safety, effective communication, conflict management, error disclosure, learning from defects, human and system factors, medical record documentation, learning from defects, infection control, and prevention, science of safety, error disclosure, human factors in patient safety, and teamwork & communication.​

The module allows the medical students to understand how medical errors occur and the ways to prevent them.