November to December​

A New Era in Malaria Elimination Unfolds in Pakistan. Read More​

Pakistan Association ​​of Pathologists​ (PAP) Conference 2023. Read More​

Bone a​nd Soft Tis​​sue Lect​ure Series. Read More​

July to September

​Inauguration of Chemical Pathology Section's Rare D​isease Registry​​​​. Read More


​Department Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Elective R​​​otation 2023​​. Read More​

January to March


Workshop -Risk Management in Clinical Laboratory Basics and Applic​ation of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)​. Read More

 Workshop Series - Developing Technologists as Teachers. R​​​ead More​

Fourth Fli​pped Style Course: Fundamentals of Quality Control to Improve Patient Safety. Read More​​

Artificial Intelligence​​​ Powered Total Lab Automation: Walking the Talk​. Read More​​

​Vaccinology Cou​​rse. Read More​​