​Fourth Flipped Style Course | ​

Fundamentals of Quality Control to Improve Patient Safety​​

Chemical Pathology section, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine conducted a "Fourth Flipped Style Course: Fundamentals of Quality control to improve Patient Safety" at CIME from 7th-9th January,2023.

Day 1:
New Insights
QC using Patient Data
Dr. Aysha Habib (Professor)

Day 2:
Case Studies
Westgard Rules Application
Dr. Imran Siddiqui (Professor​)

Day 3:
CAP Accreditation
Dr. Lena Jafri (Associate Professor​​)

Learning Outcome:

Participants will be able to:
  • Calculate and apply QC statistics and mechanics.
  • Interpret control charts, identify type of error and be able to investigate accordingly.
  • Interpret proficiency testing (PT) evaluation reports and identify problems even before PT fails.
  • Discuss investigative techniques for PT failures.​