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The Report of the Chancellor’s Commission (November 1994) described a vision for ‘Human Development’ as an integral theme across AKU. Human Development Programme was established in 2002 as the first initiative in this field and conscious, initial focus of this Programme is to enhance human development through Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Research has demonstrated the direct effects of a child's early sensory experiences on development of the brain, and its impact on learning ability, behaviour, and physical and mental health in childhood and later stages of life. The understanding of biological processes and the influences of social determinants throughout the life cycle is essential in order to identify the conditions required for optimal human development. Subsequently, operational research to improve access to knowledge and an equitable distribution of resources must follow in order to enhance conditions which support optimal human development.

​HDP supports human development through a multidisciplinary and research based approach, contributes significantly to the enhancement of human resource capacity in the field of ECD through its educational programme and short courses; and its integrated community based ECD and parenting programme models aims to improve the nutrition of mothers and children aged 0-8 years along with the social environment and caring practices of children.

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