Graduate Programmes​

Our programmes are designed for professionals and basic scientists who have research interests in disease aetiology and in the management of health care delivery systems respectively, pertinent to Pakistan and the developing countries. They feature continuous evaluation systems based on students' presentations, formal assessments of course work, examinations and defense of the thesis/dissertation. 

​​​​Master of Science in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

The programme is designed to develop health professionals with an in-depth knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics; and their application in analysing the major public health issues in Pakistan and developing countries with a focused approach to regional problems and needs. 


Master of Science in Health Policy & Management

The first of its kind in Pakistan, the programme is designed to train professionals in strategic and operational planning, p​olicy analysis, institutional management and in health systems research and development.​ 

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Mast​er of Health Professions Education 

The programme is designed to develop teachers, innovators, researchers and leaders in HPE who will use best evidence medical education  to make informed decisions​​ to​​ improve the standards of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing HPE in Pakistan and abroad.​ 


PhD in Health Sciences

The programme is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programme, with broad areas of study and research including Biological Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Nursing, and Population & Public Health, and is accredited by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.​ 

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