CITRIC-Health Data Science Centre

Leading the Way to a Better Future

Data Science is a key element in advancing our knowledge of the social determinants of health and the complexities of disease prevalence. To improve the healthcare system in Pakistan, we have established the first Health Data Science Centre under The Clinical and Translational Research Incubator (CITRIC) at Medical College, Aga Khan University.

This new initiative will lead the way towards creating a positive impact on the healthcare system which is in line with CITRIC’s vision to expand the understanding and practices with the help of research and the use of analytical methods. ​ With this project, CITRIC will continue to emerge as a leader in promoting innovation and technology. 

Keeping in view our institution’s proud history of innovation in healthcare, we aim to: 

  • Develop a health data ecosystem that informs disease priorities and guides the action of policymakers in Pakistan.

  • Create a model for quality improvement and research in a move towards a learning health system.
  • Build the next generation of Health Data Science leaders who can traverse the space of public health, health system policy, and data science.​

Message from the Director​

"Pakistan is witnessing a doubling of its disease burden with rising non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and a parallel high burden of maternal and neonatal infections. Tackling diseases and risk factors requires work across the spectrum of community, health systems, and policy makers and the actions need to be guided by data"

D​r Zainab Samad

Chair & Professor, Department of Medicine