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A shot in the arm can prevent cervical cancer 

Ms. Zofeen Ebrahim highlights the importance of cervical cancer prevention and vaccination in Pakistan. Read More

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How AI can improve service delivery in Pakistan's healthcare sector​​

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Pakistan has shown great reception towards embracing the ​transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The establishment of Pakistan's National Centre of Artificial Intelligence was one such step towards promoting research, innovation, and training in AI. However, government intervention is crucial for further progress and integration of AI-driven initiatives, positioning Paki​stan effectively in the global AI landscape.​ Read More



HPV vaccination: A pragmatic strategy to prevent cervical cancer

​The HPV vaccination is the recommended global prevention strategy for cervical cancer. Countries like Slovenia, the United Kingdom, an​d Australia have seen a substantial decrease in cervical cancer cases by implementing large-scale vaccination programs. By including the HPV vaccine in the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and vaccinating females aged 9 to 14, Pakistan can meet the WHO target for cervical cancer prevention. Read More


Not only cervical cancer preventable, it is also highly treatable

Cervical cancer ranks as the third most common cancer among women in Pakistan. Lack of awareness about the disease and its prevention are significant factors contributing to its prevalence. To address this issue and align with the World Health Organization's goal of eliminating cervical cancer as a public health problem, Pakistan must implement effective po​licies and strategies to reduce the incidence and mortality of the disease.​ Read More


​​​Preventing cervical cancer

In the next 20 years, global cancer incidence is expected to rise by 75pc with an estimate of 95pc deaths in LMICs caused by cervical cancer. While most deaths can be prevented by screening and vaccination, factors such as lack of awareness, stigma and cost are some causing hinderance in its elimination. Pakistan needs to implement comprehensive and coordinated programmes that address both the medical and social aspects of the disease to curb the rising disease burden in Pakistan. Read More