The success of any department revolves around the commitment​​ and hard work of its staff members. The Department is especially lucky in having dedicated laboratory and administrative staff.​​

Administrative Staff 

NameDesignationEmail Ext#
Gulafroze JessaAssistant Manager gulafroze.jessa@aku.edu4477
Irfanullah BaigAssociateirfan.baig@aku.edu4462
Ali MoosaAssociateali.moosa@aku.edu4541
Ramzan SamnaniSenior Assistant ramzan.samnani@aku.edu4432
Tauqeer AhmedSenior  Assistantahmed.tauqeer@aku.edu4561
Imran HajaniSenior  Assistantimran.hajani@aku.edu4431
M.Bilal EffendiSenior Assistantbilal.effendi@aku.edu4560​

​​​​​​​Laboratory Staff​

​Name ​Designation ​Email Address ​Ext. #
​Naseema Mehboobali Specialist ​4491
Farzana AbubakarSpecialist farzana.abubakar@aku.edu4492 / 4496
​Saeeda Shaharyar ​Senior Technologist ​4492 / 4496
​Hina Saeed Z​uberi ​Senior Technologist ​  ​4437 / 4496
​Ghulam Haider Senior Technologist ​4492 / 4496
​Masnoon Akhter​Senior​4492
Mussarat Ashraf Senior Technologist​ ​4492
​Javeria FarooqiSenior​4493
​Zahid Hussain ​Technologist ​ ​4438
​Pirbux Memon Technologist  ​4438
​Adil Jamal Technologist ​ ​4492 / 4493
​Tahira Ghulam​​Technologist​tahira.ghulam​​4492​
​Sabah FarhatTechnologist​​4492
​Asra KhanTechnologist​​4492
Fizza Nizam​​3535
​Mahwish Fatima​Technologi​st​​​
List of Personnel on Research Grants 

​Name​Designation​Email Address​Ext. #
​Dilshad Zahid​Research Associate​​3535
Rozeena Baig​Research ​4492
​Nida FarooquiResearch Associate​​3535
​Uroosa Tariq​​Senior Research Assistant​​3535
Faraz AnwarSenior Research Assistant​​4336
​Fatima IqbalSenior Research Assistant​​1638
​Hina ShakilSenior Research Assistant​​1638
Sadaf Pervaiz​Senior Research​4492