​CopyrightX ​Course

The AKU office of the university librarian is pleased to be affiliated with Harvard Law School in offering the CopyrightX: AKU course.


COPYRIGHTX ​is a free networked course offered through the AKU Copyright Office and is developed by WilmerHale Professor of intellectual property law Prof. Terry Fisher since 2013. With the emerging issues regarding ownership of works and the quick dissemination of materials in the digital space, it is important to understand the mechanisms that protect authors as well as the leeway afforded to users by current copyright laws. Getting this balance right can be skewed.

The course explores case studies based on US copyright laws as well as some cases as they operate in AKU country locations.


The course is open to any AKU faculty or staff interested in having broader discussions on authorship and the challenges of protecting creative works used for teaching, research and display including how to avoid infringing on other people's copyright.


A motivation and other details should be attached to this online form​ until the deadline of November 30th, 2021.​

To be successful, participants shall attend 12 weekly online sessions of two hours each (with a minimum of 10 attendances), watch 12 pre-recorded video lectures by Harvard Professor Terry Fisher, attend at least one special live event streamed from Harvard, and pass an exam. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate is issued by Harvard.

Join us in exploring this area of intellectual property and how it is regulated and informs reforms, from January 24th, 2022 to May 6th, ​2022.

More information on CopyrightX including syllabi can be found here 

Facilitating faculty: Elizabeth Oyange - Ngando | Copyright Specialist​