• Silence must be observed in the library premises.
  • Briefcases, personal belongings and readers own books must be left in the shelves at the entrance to the library.
  • To become a library member the applicant must fill in a library membership application form.
  • Membership card is not transferable.
  • Books can be re-issued only once.
  • No fee is charged for the library card, however in case of loss a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs 25 only.
  • Membership card must be presented when borrowing or returning books.
  • There is fine of Rs 5 per day for books after due date.
  • Reference books, dissertation and journals cannot be borrowed.
  • A borrower is responsible for any loss or damage of a book and will be charged the cost of the book according to current market rate (in case of foreign editions the charge will be twice the actual price of the book) in Pak rupees.
  • Please ensure that the book is in good condition before it is borrowed.
  • Library patrons may not disturb others.
  • CDs/DVDs, audio video cassettes borrowed can be retained for three days.

The PDCN library offers membership to the following:

PDCN Academic Staff
The staff is directly involved with the academic business of PDCN.

PDCN Non-Academic Staff
Administrative and support staff: Consists of the non-academic staff of PDCN.

Teaching staff of Whole School Improvement Projects School
The teaching staff of the WSIP schools may become members of the PDCN library. A teacher will remain a member for as long as s/he will be entitled to borrow books.

Course Participants (CPs)
The course participants of all short and long-term courses at PDCN can become members of the library and are entitled to borrow books during the workshops and their membership will expire upon the completion of the courses/workshops.

Visiting Faculty
Visiting faculty members from AKU-IED may become members of the library for the duration of their stay at PDCN.

Government Educational Personnels
The Government Education Directorate officials including the Master Trainers (MTs) can become library members on payment of membership fees as mentioned.

AKDN Staff
All academic staff of AKDN and staff of associated programmes (ADU, Examination Department, etc.) can become members of PDCN library on payment of membership fees as mentioned

Schools/NGOs providing educational services
Schools/ NGOs can obtain institutional membership of PDCN library on payment of membership fee.

Researchers formally accredited by PDCN but other than the PDCN research staff, who are engaged in the educational research, can become the library members on payment of membership fee.

All students who are inhabitants of the Northern Areas and are preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or any other test/examinations, such as, ISSB, FPSC, CSS, etc. which are mandatory for study in Universities/Colleges abroad, can become members of PDCN library on payment of membership fee.​​​​​​​