Learning Avenues

AKU believes in creating a learning environment where opportunities for self-development are provided to all faculty and staff. 

Short training courses are arranged in-house on a regular basis by:

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Nursing Education Services

AKU also arranges learning forums to share topics of mutual interest with a larger audience, including:

  • Learning Club

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Administrative Professionals Forum

  • Quality Grand Round​

learning club

Departments at AKU are encouraged to create departmental learning forums, allowing their employees to gather informally and engage in activities that encourage experimental learning, networking and celebrating occasions collectively. Human Resource, Finance and Material Management are examples of departments that regularly hold Learning Clubs.

Lunch and Learn

These are informal, participatory sessions designed to cover topics of common interest for faculty and staff. Management topics are dealt with either through a dynamic speaker or an appropriate video. Participants can bring their own food and learn while they lunch. This forum also encourages professional development by inviting management staff to host presentations on topics of mutual interest.​

Quality grand round

The Quality Grand Round is another forum, which provides a platform to the faculty and staff for sharing an environment where quality learning & improvement activities take place, within the institution. The forum comprises of activities like quality projects & presentations, update on quality certification like JCIA, and display of learning videos on healthcare quality and patient safety. ​

AKU way

The AKU Way encompasses our vision, guiding principles and new set of five values. These statements form the foundation of what we do at AKU and how it needs to be done. The Values are a description of our desired work culture and suggested behaviour from the all employees and leaders that help live the values. The values were added to provide guidance about making day-to-day decisions and working more consistently and amicably with each other while pursuing our mission. This session is designed to ensure that all members of the AKU community are aware of these values and how to incorporate them in their daily life.


A retreat is yet another departmental activity conducted once, every year. Through Retreat organisational management is practiced by conducting activities to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, to ensure awareness of department’s vision, mission and goals. From the senior management to junior most, all of the employees are part of the activity. At the end of the session, an action plan is introduced for the following days, until the next Retreat takes place.