About the Programme

Established in 2008, the International Internship Programme provides exciting, and significant, professional experiences for international interns who are:

  • Passionate,​ co​mmitted, innovative and creative.

  • Looking for a high-impact professional experience.

  • Eager to explore new cultural, social and geographic environments.

The Aga Khan University and other agencies of Aga Khan Development Network host interns in the area of health sciences, teacher education, architecture, disaster management, environment, engineering, finance, communications, HR, IT and administration/management to name a few.

Our locations

  • Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

  • Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan​

  • Pakistan, India and UAE

What we are known for

  • Unforgettable life experiences.

  • Flexible start dates as you as an intern determine when you want to start.

  • Customized opportunities as you can work with your mentor to get the best out of the opportunity and to focus on what you want to achieve.

  • Supportive mentors.

  • Opportunities for leadership, mentorship, innovation and 'out of the box' thinking. 

  • New friends, new cultures, new life experiences.

  • Exposure to new parts of the world.

​What you get out of the i​nternship

  • Invaluable work experience in the real world.

  • Opportunities to excel.

  • Opportunities to apply and demonstrate your skill sets.

  • High quality mentorship.

  • Access to new environments.​