​​Challenge Theme 2023: Cooling our Cities​

The second edition of the Aga Khan University (AKU) President’s Challenge for Climate Solutions has concluded, with the successful participation of nearly 500 students from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Pakistan. This remarkable event saw the emergence of various innovative ideas aimed at addressing climate change and promoting sustainable living.

Winning ideas covered a wide range of pressing environmental issues, including affordable cooling for houses, waste management, eco-friendly fashion, sustainable paint, and educational initiatives. Additional winning concepts centered on urban design, transportation management systems, and green spaces. These diverse, solution-driven ideas not only focus on cooling our cities but also emphasize making them more equitable, resilient, and livable.

During the closing ceremony, AKU President Dr. Sulaiman Shahabuddin expressed his admiration and hope for the participants, stating, "One of the biggest reasons to be hopeful is you and your peers around the world. The most important obstacle to addressing climate change has never been technical. It has always been a lack of will. And I believe your generation has the will to deal with this problem."

Winning Teams from the Challenge

Winning Team

EcoBreeze-Climate ​​Craft Creators​

​1st Runner-up

The River Albedo Project​

2nd Runner-up

Eco-Cool Bin to Solve Waste Management Issues

Most Impactful Idea

Fast Fashion

Most Feasible Idea

Involving Children in Cooling our Cities

Most Innovative Idea - Team 1

Suburban Approach

Most Innovative Idea - Team 2

Breathing Homes - Sustainable Architecture for Cool Cities​

Winning Teams​ from the School Challenge​

Winning Team​​

Aga Khan Higher Secondary School
Rechargeable Stove: A Sustainable Solution to Beating the Heat

1st Runner-up

Karachi Grammar School
ChillVille: The App where Green Choices Heat up your Savings

2nd Runner-up - Team 1

Meritorious High School​​
BioFuel Compost Exchange Program

2nd Runner-up - Team 2

Bai Virbaiji Soparivala (BVS) Parsi High School
AMGi Powder