Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization​​

The Research Office was established in the Aga Khan University in 1999. We were one of the first six universities to be recognized as having an Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) by the HEC vide their letter dated January 1, 2011. As guided by HEC, the office aims to serve as a pivotal point, encompassing all the research activities - from development of research proposal to the commercialization of research products.


  • The ORIC facilitates faculty in matters related to research including but not limited to extramural grants, notably when the granting source requires a central submission of the proposal. Notably, HEC will not accept any grants from a Principal investigator unless it is routed through the ORIC. It also facilitates faculty members in obtaining intramural grants.

  • It also advises on matters related to funding opportunities and regular emails are sent from the office notifying all faculty of potential funding opportunities.

  • It supports the strategic research directions of the university through its support to the University Research Council​, the apex research body of the university and in developing research related policies for AKU.

  • It helps to convert successful research into activities which benefit the public and disadvantageous communities through AKU’s emphasis on quality, impact, relevance and access.

  • ​It keeps a record of grants obtained, publications and advise on ethical approval. In coordination with the legal office it also facilitates faculty in matters relating to innovation and patenting. 

  • It helps to develop and strengthen university-industry relationships. The ORIC monitors that deliverables including reports are sent in a timely manner in compliance of requirements. This cements relationships and repeats chances for further collaboration.

  • It promotes and encourages multi-disciplinary research within and outside the university.

  • It promotes innovation through the Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC).

  • It regularly disseminates success stories

  • It conducts regular workshops for good research practices and innovation.