​Extramural Grants Submission Process for Pakistan​

An electronic extramural grant submission process has been introduced for review by the various support offices of the University. The system allows online management of approval of the relevant officers.

Pre-submission Requirements

To apply for an external grant, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleSoft Grants Module​ and create a proposal in the system. Notify ORGS through the system once the proposal has been created and all the required information has been entered. Refer to the User Manual or the list of authorized staff/persons in your department for further guidance.

  2. After receiving the proposal online, ORGS will initiate a review process by notifying all the relevant administrative departments. The reviews and approvals from all the departments will be recorded online on the Grants Management System. The stakeholders of the proposal (PI, Co-Is, Authorized/Designated Staff) will receive notification for every action taken on their proposal. Please note that the administrative signatory representatives will require less time (in terms of working days) to process small grants without a collaborative or /multidisciplinary component as compared to large grants with multiple tasks and participation of various disciplines. It would also facilitate the process if queries from reviewing departments are promptly clarified.

  3. Once approvals are obtained from all relevant administrative units and Department Head, the Entity Head and the Associate Vice Provost (Research), the grant proposal can be submitted to the funding agency.

For queries and guidelines, contact:

Dilshad Baig | Associate, Office of Sponsored Research​

+92 21 3486 4363

​Post Submission ​​Requirements

The official signing authority resides with the Associate Vice Provost (Research)​. Final approval of all grants (research, educational, developmental, clinical trials), letters of intent (LOIs), contracts, applications for performance of work (APWs) and agreements are endorsed by the Associate Vice Provost (Research) ​before submission to the funding agency. A signing official has institutional authority to legally bind the institution in matters of grants administration.

Please inform the Office of Research and Graduate Studies after the submission of the proposal to the funding agency so that the status of your proposal can be recorded accordingly.


Once you receive an acceptance offer from the grant agency, immediately inform the ORGS, Finance and Legal departments. Finance and Legal will provide their input to ensure the aptness of each clause in the agreement. Such clauses may need to be negotiated with the funding agent for appropriate adjustment.  Once all observations are satisfied, the agreement is then sent to the Office for the final signature of the Associate Vice Provost (Research)​.

Withdrawals and Denials

​If you receive a notice that the proposal has been denied or you choose to withdraw the application​, please copy the written notification to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies.​

Final Reporting

The funding agency will require you to submit interim and/or final reports about the project. Please follow the agency’s stated guidelines for such reporting and send copies of all reports to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies.