​Extramural Grants Submission Process for EA and UK Campuses

Before any proposal is submitted to an external granting agency, it is reviewed by the relevant departments/sections for abidance to the institutional policies.

​To apply for an external grant, follow these steps:  

  1. ​​Start the submission process and fill the relevant grants checklist (Checklist for Health Sciences|  Social SciencesCapacity Building) at least 30 days prior to the funding agency’s deadline. This will give you ample time to address various issues (such as budgeting, ERC, undertakings by others, etc.). Prepare the research proposal along with other documents as required by the funding agency. The funding agency's application form (with relevant attachments) and extramural grant submission checklist should be first reviewed and signed off from the required reviewing units. Please note that the administrative signatory representatives will require less time (in terms of working days) to process small grants without a collaborative or multidisciplinary component in it. 

  2. After obtaining the approvals from different administrative units, the Departmental Head/Chair, s​end copies of your proposal along with the checklist to the Entity Head/Dean/Director and obtain approval on the checklist.

  3. Lastly, when all approvals have been obtained, please submit softcopy of the final proposal, as well as the funding agency's submission requirements/checklist, letters of support/collaboration/material transfer agreement and budget, etc. for final endorsement by the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies.

​Softcopy can be submitted to ro.preaward@aku.edu​

Refer to Administrative Staff list for reviewing/approving pre-award grants.


Once an acceptance offer is received from the grant agency, immediately inform the ORGS, Finance and Legal departments. Finance and Legal will provide their input to ensure the aptness of each clause in the agreement. Such clauses may need to be negotiated with the funding agent for appropriate adjustment. Once all observations are satisfied, the agreement is sent to ORGS for the final signature of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

Withdrawals and Denials​​

If a notice is received that the proposal has been denied or you decide to withdraw the application, please copy the written notification to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies.

Final Reporting

The funding agency will re​quire the applicant to submit interim and/or final reports about the project. Please follow the agency’s stated guidelines for such reporting and send copies of all reports to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies.