​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

​​Is there a contact number where I could talk to an Admission Officer?

Please call at + 92 21 3486 6462 or email at admissions.query@aku.edu.

Where can I find admission information about AKU programmes?​

Admission and programme details are available on programme pages, click here


Are there deadlines to apply? / Are admissions open?

Please click here.

Is part-time study option available at AKU?

Part-time study option is available for Post-RN BScN​ programme and  most of the AKU graduate programmes.

Does any of the AKU programmes have an age limit?

Only BscN programme has age limit between 14 to 35 years. For more information click here.


Can I apply to multiple programmes?

Yes, you may if you meet the eligibility requirements.


​Where can I find fee structure for the AKU programmes? 

Please click here.

Are there any quota, reserved or self-finance seats?

No. Admissions are on open merit basis only. 


Does AKU accept student transfers if I am studying in a similar programme?

No. AKU does not accept transfers for undergraduate programmes.


Does AKU provide financial assistance such as student loans, scholarships or sponsorships?​​

Yes, the University offers financial assistance to students who are selected to AKU programmes. For details click here or email at student.fa@aku.edu.

Does AKU accept sponsorships from outside agencies? 

Yes. Candidates can share their sponsorship details to AKU after getting admission on merit.

Are AKU programmes accredited? 

AKU programmes are accredited and recognized by the relevant regulatory bodies such as Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

I do not live in Karachi. Is there any hostel available​? 

Yes, the University offers accommodation to its outstation students in hostels managed by the University. 

Will AKU conduct its AKU Test this year amidst COVID surge​? 

At this time, it is expected that the AKU test will be conducted. All necessary precautions will be taken; we will take advice by our Infectious Control department at AKU on Standard Operating Practices (SOPs). Our test will not be conducted online.

Which marks/grades will AKU consider for eligibility if I had no exams in 1st year / AS level?  

AKU will consider candidate's final year's board exams marks. Candidates can mark result awaited when applying and submit the final year results when they become available.

What if A level exams are not being conducted in certain locations and board is issuing predicted grades? 

If the predicted grades are the final grades from the Board, and meet the minimum eligibility requirements for applying to AKU, the results would be acceptable.

Do candidates applying in MBBS from overseas have the option of applying with math in lieu of physics this year? 

At this time (April 2021) there is no clarification from the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Until clarification is received AKU will only accept applications for the MBBS programme who have taken biology, chemistry, and physics at their high school / equivalent level. 

Can overseas candidates submit SAT I in lieu of AKU Test for MBBS programme? 

No, SAT I will not be acceptable for overseas candidates. From this year and onwards, all candidates applying with high school / equivalent are required to write AKU test for shortlisting purpose.​

Is SAT II /AAMC MCAT acceptable in lieu of Pakistani MDCAT for overseas candidates applying in MBBS programme?  

No. Based on the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) regulations, MDCAT will be a compulsory. The MDCAT must be written and submitted and have a score to meet minimum eligibility requirements for an application to be considered for final selection. For more information visit: www.pmc.gov.pk.

​Is last year’s MDCAT result acceptable to meet PMC requirement? 

No. The validity of this test is only in the year it is written. For 2021 the 2021 test will need to be written. For more information visit: www.pmc.gov.pk.

Who will write AAMC international MCAT?                          

Candidates applying to the MBBS programme with an undergraduate /graduate degree obtained from overseas will be required to write AAMC MCAT for shortlisting purpose. 

Moreover, candidates in this category will be required to submit MDCAT administered by the PMC for their application to be considered for final selection.​

What are the required documents a candidate should upload when applying? 

Current photo, CNIC or B-form / passport (for foreign), fee receipt, and (curriculum vitae for graduate programmes) must be uploaded when applying.  

Shortlisted applicants will be required to submit other documents that will be specified at that time. Candidates are encouraged to review eligibility requirements and document requirements in the programme brochure before applying.​

​Does a candidate need to submit HEC attested transcript, degree and HEC equivalence letter​? 

All candidate applying for graduate / PhD level programmes are required to submit HEC attested documents upon clearing the AKU test. 

For applicability of HEC equivalence letter, please review relevant programme brochure.