​Quali​ty Patient Safety Module for Interns

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As a part of its commitment to enhancing patient safety, CPS has taken a significant step by oraganizing a quality and patient safety module into postgraduate medical education (PGME) program. This initiative aims to equip interns/house officers with essential skills and knowledge to ensure the highest level of care and safety for patients.

The recent two-day workshop, held in June, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 81 house officers and interns. Throughout the session, the attendees delved into various crucial aspects of patient safety, such as effective communication, teamwork, and the importance of accessible systems and protocols.

On the first day of the workshop, attendees learned valuable insights, such as the importance of avoiding blame and instead, focusing on collaborative problem-solving. It was emphasized that resolving conflicts constructively is pivotal for a cohesive and effective healthcare team.

The second day of the module centered around cultivating a safety culture in medical settings. The discussions revolved around the significance of effective communication not only with patients but also among staff and fellow doctors. This aspect plays a pivotal role in reducing medical errors and enhancing patient outcomes.

Overall, the course received an overwhelmingly positive response from the participants. The sessions were characterized by their informative and interactive nature, fostering a conducive environment for learning and sharing experiences.

CPS's commitment to expanding patient safety studies through this new module is commendable. By equipping young medical professionals with these crucial skills and insights, CPS is taking a proactive approach towards elevating the quality of care and ensuring patient safety within our healthcare system.​