World Patient Safety Day 2023-Engaging Patients for Patient Safety​

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The World Health Organization celebrated World Patient Safety Day 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, from September 12th to 13th. This year, Patient Safety Day was dedicated to the pivotal theme of "Engaging Patients for Patient Safety," emphasizing the role of patient and their families in the safety of healthcare.​

The session was attended by patient safety experts and advocates from around the world, among whom was our esteemed Director, Dr Asad Latif and Associate Director, Dr Fozia Asif who contributed their insights and experience to this vital cause.

This groundbreaking event served as a platform for these professionals to come together and share insights, champion safer healthcare practices and discuss strategies to improve patient safety through active patient involvement.

The conference showcased a variety of remarkable initiatives, including:

  • Compelling​ stories and testimonies of patients and health workers

  • In-depth panel discussions on engaging patients and their families and integration of patient safety into the human rights agenda

  • Review of a draft Patient Safety Rights Charter by meeting participants followed by a official launch of WHO's latest technical resources

​We feel immensely proud to be part of this global mission for improved patient safety and remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing patient safety in Pakistan.​​