​​6th International Patient Safety Conference

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The Centre of Patient Safety was invited to the 6th International Patient Safety Conference, held on March 10-12, 2023 in Lahore. Dr Asad Latif (Director,CPS) served as a moderator, providing valuable insights on the global perspective of patient safety, while Dr Fozia Asif (Associate Director, CPS) participated as a panelist, shedding light on the importance of patient safety. 

The conference served as a platform for patient safety experts from worldwide to address the critical need to engage patients and families in co-designing patient safety measures.

​Recognizing this as a key component in enhancing healthcare quality and ensuring patient well-being, our team actively participated in the event, demonstrating their exceptional dedication and expertise in their commitment to advancing patient safety measures across Pakistan.

5th International Patient Safety Conference 

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With the aim to provide a safe healthcare environment to patients, Riphah International University organized its 5th International Conference on Patient Safety in March 2022 at Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi.

The event brought together, top leaders in patient safety from across the world, local stakeholders, and medical health professionals to talk about the leading patient safety challenges and preventing harm in an effort to improve patient safety in Pakistan. 

Several papers were presented at the conference, among which The Centre of Patient Safety achieved  2nd Position in the category of Free Paper in Dr. Tahir Shamsi Patient Safety Research Award on the topic “Measuring the Patient Safety Culture at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan using the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture" and 3rd Position on the topic “Patients' Identification of Adverse Events during Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan". ​

At the conference, Dr. Fozia Asif (Associate Director, CPS) was also invited as a panelist to talk about the Need for National Standards and Accreditations.​

Our team looks forward to more such achievements and contributing to promoting an effective patient safety culture and safer care across Pakistan.

Find more details regarding the event, here!