Faculty and Technologists of Chemical Pathology discussing the Chromatograms of Plasma Amino Acids and Urine Organic Acids in Departmental Consultation Conference

Paediatric Imaging Team Aga Khan University Hospital at Radiological Society of Pakistan: (left to right) - Dr Kiran Hilal, Dr Naila Nadeem, Dr Yousuf Husen, Dr Waseem Mirza and Dr Basit Salam

Histopathologists after conducting Paediatric Tumor Boards of multiple subspecialties

Haematology resident and blood bank staff performing and interpreting neonatal blood group by gel card method

Faculty, Laboratory technologist (Genetics bench) and Laboratory Manager at the section of Molecular Pathology, Clinical Laboratory, AKUH that are involved in paediatric molecular diagnostics

Laboratory technical staff processing Paediatric Blood Culture bottle that was flagged positive in continuous blood culture monitoring system​