​From the Editor's Desk

Dear Readers

The past​​​ surreal year of 2020 occupies a different significance in the history of the world. So far, we all have responded positively. The technology has bridged the gap between individuals even as social distancing was practiced. During this time our LABRAD was digitalized and is now also available on AKU website: https://www.aku.edu/mcpk/ pathology/labrad/Pages/from-the-editors-desk.aspx.The current issue is thematic on ‘Paediatric Diagnostics’. A compilation of articles covering the various aspects of paediatric disorders with relevant investigations are being presented here. We have some interesting discussions like diagnostic tools for HIV  in infants, fecal calprotectin in inflammatory bowel disease, pleuropulmonary blastoma a rare tumor of infancy, biotinidase deficiency, utility of chromosomal microarray, haemoglobin variants analysis and intussusception in paediatric patients.

Pakistan suffers from a high burden of rare diseases due to the prevalent practice of consanguineous marriages, lack of awareness, and non-availability of clinical metabolic services. Early this year, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, in collaboration with Pak-IMD-Net and Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists launched an e-portal ‘Ek Sath’ to support children/patients with inherited metabolic disorders and their families. To visit Ek Sath’s website click​ the link: https://fal.cn/EkSath.

We value your opinion and feedback regarding topic selections, educational and resource materials we can provide and ideas on how we can better network and communicate using LABRAD.

Dr Lena Jafri,
Editor LABRAD​