​​​October-December' 2022

Faculty Achievements

Dr. Mohammad Zeeshan
(Assistant Professor, Microbiology)

1st prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference "Reporting of Mycetoma cases from skin and soft tissue biopsies over a period of ten years: A single center report and literature review from Pakistan"​

Dr. Najia Ghanchi 
(Associate Professor, Microbiology)​​

3rd prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference

"Placental infection with Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum causative agents of malaria and pregnancy outcomes from Pakistan"

Dr. Qurratulain Chundriger, 
(Assistant Professor, Histopathology) 

Passed the FRCPath examination from Royal College of Pathologists, UK.​​​

Dr. Sayed Ali Raza Shah Bukhari
(Assistant professor, Molecular Pathology)

Best Oral Presentation in PAP Conference "Epidemiology and demographics of SARS-CoV2 omicron variant during fifth COVID19 wave in Pakistan”

Dr. Zeeshan Uddin
(Assistant Professor)

1st prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference​ “Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS) for cause of death assessment in stillbirths and preterm neonatal deaths in Pakistan. Challenges faced in pathology"​


Residents Achievements​

Dr. Siraj Mune​er 
(Resident year V, Chemical Pathology)​

cleared the FCPS II examination in Chemical Pathology.

​Supervisor: Prof. Imran Siddiqui.​


1st prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference ​"Biotin-responsive multiple carboxylase deficiency– Prevalence, clinical and biochemical characteristics in Pakistani population"​​

Dr. Haree​​​m Alam 

​​​(Reside​​nt IV, haematology and Transfusion Medicine​​​​)​

1st prize Oral​ Presentation in PAP Conference
"Significance of red cell antibody screening in pretransfusion testing; data from a tertiary care center”​​​

Dr. Momin​​ Iqbal
(Resident I, Histopathology)​ 

2nd  prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference

"Intra-abdominal Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma: Series of 8 cases of a rare entity reported from Pakistan"​​​

Dr. Zaib-Un​-Nisa
(Resident Year ​IV, Chemical Pathology)

1st prize Oral Presentation in PAP Conference "Markers contributing to comorbidities in autism"​​

​Dr. Mohammad Arsalan Ashraf

(Resident III, Microb​​iology) 

3rd prize Oral Presentation in PAP Conference
"Are locally made commercial Hand Sanitizers effective: Evaluation by European Standard and membrane filtration method"

Dr. Seher Rasheed, 
(Resident year V, Haematology) 

has cleared FCPS II examination in Haematology.
Supervisor: Dr. Bushra Moiz

Dr. Siraj Muneer 
(Resident) Chemical Pathology
received the best resident award Pathology in the PGME graduation ceremony​​

Admin and Lab staff Achievements​

Ms. Mashhooda Rasool Hashmi, Manager, 
Quality Assurance

Clinical Laboratories have successfully accomplished Certified Professional In Healthcare Quality (CPHQ).​​​

Ms. Lubna Khaleeq, Senior Coordinator, 
Quality Assurance

Clinical Laboratories have successfully accomplished Certified Professional In Healthcare Quality (CPHQ).
​Dr. Arsal​a Jameel Farooqui 
(Senior Research Assistant, Chemical Pathology)

2nd prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference
"Oral Manifestations and Metabolic Bone Disease in children with transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia major"​​

Ms. Samra Naz

(Senior Technologist, Molecular P​athology- Clinical Laboratory)

3rd prize Poster Presentation in PAP Conference
"Distribution of Myeloproliferative Neoplasm mutations among Pakistani population"​


Any other Achievements​​

The Aga Khan University accepted as an Allied Member of the Inter​​-national Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Committee of National Societies 


The Aga Khan University Hospital's 300th Lab Collection point was inaugrated on 19th December, 2022.