Section of ​​Nephrology

The Section of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine has seven faculty members: four full-time, two part-time and one honorary, who have specialised training and expertise in acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy and kidney transplantation. The Section also offers outpatient dialysis services at its haemodialysis centre equipped with sophisticated machines. In addition, faculty members have expertise in research methodologies and ethics. The Section is responsible for care of all patients with kidney disease and the training of internal medicine interns and residents. The faculty also provides consultation services to Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Intensive Care Units and other medical specialties, both in ambulatory and inpatient settings. Members of the Section are also active in undergraduate teaching, curriculum development and research. The Section offers a comprehensive three-year postgraduate residency training programme in Nephrology. The faculty organises and runs a number of weekly clinical meetings and participates in Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities throughout the year.

The Section has an active and flourishing population-based research programme in hypertension and chronic diseases in collaboration with the Clinical Epidemiology Unit, which is led by Dr Tazeen Jafar, who is also the Section Head of Nephrology. Funded by major external awards, the research team is exploring innovative ways to combat the rising epidemic of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease in the South Asian population.

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