​​Breast Surgery

Fellowship in Breast Surgery deals principally, with early diagnosis and management of breast diseases specially Breast Cancer, presenting as identifiable primary or metastatic disease.  Breast disease in general requires study and treatment of benign as well as malignant disorders encountered in adolescent, reproductive, and post-menopausal age groups.

Incorporated as part of General Surgery, Breast Diseases management gradually evolved from introduction of screening programme in 1988.  In 2012 Section of Breast Diseases was established within Department of Surgery as a separate section, offering training at postgraduate level for quality patient care. The section is currently the only unit in Pakistan to have attained membership of European Breast Centers Network. With limited opportunities available in the country for comprehensive training in Breast Disease Management, the programme is unique of its kind in Pakistan. The fellowship programme has been recognised by CPSP in 2019 for 2nd Fellowship.

Salary and Benefits​​​