​Surgical Neuro-Oncology

The fellowship programme at AKU is the first specialized, Surgical Neuro-oncology fellowship in Pakistan. It is facilitated by strong senior faculty and supported by the Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Oncology, and Section of Neurology, amongst others.

Rotations in the programme give fellows exposure in Neuro-oncology. The association with oncology/radiology provide a unique opportunity to enhance skills and give the fellows ample experience in multidisciplinary specialties crucial for complex neuro-oncology cases. Additionally, a one-month external rotation is arranged to give an insight into international developments.


The programme aims to produce trainees who are competent and academically sound neuro-oncological surgeons. The fellows:

  • should be able to handle independently and safely, routine neuro-oncological work
  • must possess enough experience and confidence to develop and mature with time into a competent clinician and academic neuro-oncological surgeon

This would be achieved by developing a broad and in depth knowledge base and skills with the attitude and attributes of a compassionate and caring surgeon.


The programme offers training in the principles and practice of Surgical Neuro-Oncology over a period of two years.


  • MBBS or equivalent degree approved by PMDC

  • One year of house job or internship, of which six months should be in Medicine and Allied and six months in Surgery and Allied Disciplines

  • FCPS Part II or equivalent in Neurosurgery is preferred

  • Minimum of four years training in Neurosurgery along with additional two years of training in General Surgery in an accredited and reputable programme

The position is advertised nationally and shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the Neurosurgery Programme Committee and relevant AKU faculty.

Positions Available

One fellow will be inducted every two years.